Following on from its success last year, we will be holding a second “ShowTime” at this year’s ECVP in Bremen.  This will be an opportunity for anyone attending the meeting to present a demonstration or exhibit that is related to their research.  We would like to invite all those coming to the meeting to submit a brief proposal (100 words max) of what they would like to show or demonstrate. This might be a new visual effect (that could be related to a presentation actually scheduled as a paper or poster at the conference); a well-known illusion; an old effect presented in a new way; a novel piece of equipment or apparatus; or something artistic that is visually exciting.  We would like to encourage many submissions and we should be able to help you if your “Show” needs a projector, screen, poster-board or similar equipment.

Please email your proposal to giving approximate details of how much space would be needed and what (if any) facilities you would like the organisers to provide.  (There will be a number of small rooms that can be blacked out completely if this is essential to your demonstration.). Please send your proposal not later than June, 15th to provide us sufficient time for setting up the event.

ECVP2013 “ShowTime” will be held on Tuesday evening (27. August) from 7 pm to 9 pm.  There will be two prizes for the best “Shows” – a Richard Gregory prize for the most amusing demonstration and a Tom Troscianko prize for the most outrageous exhibit.