About the Conference

The European Conference on Visual Perception is a travelling, annual meeting of vision researchers.
ECVP brings together researchers and students from various backgrounds to present and discuss new developments in our understanding of human vision and multisensory processes, as well as their applications. The conference is open to both young and established scientists from Europe and other parts of the world. 

ECVP takes place once a year at different venues across Europe, and is usually attended by about 700-900 delegates, making it one of the two largest international vision conferences in the field. The conference attracts researchers from well beyond the borders of Europe, with a strong participation of researchers from North America, Japan, China and other Asian countries. Following previous meetings in Utrecht (Netherlands, 2008), Regensburg (Germany, 2009), Lausanne (Switzerland, 2010), Toulouse (France, 2011), and Alghero (Italy, 2012)  the  2013 meeting will take place in Bremen (Germany). 

The conference is a forum for research in all areas of Vision Science, but in recent years it has also included work on interactions with auditory and tactile processing as well as more general cognitive research. Researchers come from a range of complementary disciplines that include psychology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physics, computer science and mathematics, and topics include both fundamental research as well as applied and clinical areas.

In Bremen, the interdisciplinary character of the conference will be extended by linking it to the research area of computational neuroscience, a young discipline which is currently funded by the Germany Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) within the National Network for Computational Neuroscience (NNCN). The special focus of ECVP 2013 will be Computational Neuroscience.

Abstracts of the conference will be published in the journal Perception.

The main meeting includes both invited as well as user-organized symposia on various topics, talk and poster sessions, and the Perception and Rank Price Lectures. In 2013, the meeting also includes Tutorials and the Satellite Symposium on Art Perception at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) - Institute for Advanced Study in nearby Delmenhorst. 

EVCP 2013 locations (view on larger map)