Poster Sessions Overview

From Monday to Wednesday we will have two poster sessions per day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Each poster will be shown in both of the sessions of a particular day, and authors should present their work during one of these depending on the assigned number (odd (forenoon) / even (afternoon). Poster boards are 120cm width x 150cm height. Please prepare your poster in portrait format, we recommend DIN A0 ( 84.1cm width x 118.9 cm height).

Monday 26th Tuesday 27th Wednesday 28th
Attention Illusions Multisensory Processing & Haptics
Eye Movements Art & Vision Multistability, Rivalry & Consciousness
Biological Motion, Perception & Action Colour Temporal Perception
Functional Organisation of the Cortex Features, Contours, Grouping & Binding Adaptation & Aftereffects
Brightness, Lightness & Contrast 3D Vision, Depth & Stereo Crowding
Clinical Vision (Ophthalmology, Neurology & Psychiatry) Categorisation & Recognition Emotion
  Cognition Faces
  Development & Ageing Motion
  Brain Rhythms Visual Search
  Neuronal Mechanisms of Information Processing Applications (Robotics, Interfaces & Devices)

Programme overview (You can find the detailed programme here)