Talk Sessions Overview


Each talk slot at the conference has a length of 15min. Please prepare your presentation to be not longer than 12min to allow for questions and comments from the audience.  ECVP will provide a laptop for presentation but you may also use your own device. In case you plan to use the presentation laptop please bring your talk in Powerpoint or Adobe format on an USB stick.

Monday 26th Tuesday 27th Wednesday 28th Thursday 29th
3D Vision, Depth & Stereo Brightness, Lightness & Contrast Categorisation & Recognition Contours & Crowding
Features & Objects Attention Neural Information Processing Multisensory Perception & Action
Illusions Clinical Vision Perceptual Learning Art & Vision
Development & Ageing     Brain Rhythms
Motion Perception     Temporal Processing
New Approaches to Methods in Vision Research     Multistability & Rivalry
      Functional Organisation of the Cortex

Programme overview (You can find the detailed programme here)